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Frequently Asked Questions


Pushfy is a complete Social Proof platform with the ability to create and manage campaigns and notifications for any of your own websites while generating great analytics and having possibilities to track and keep conversions from the specific websites that you have.


Pushfy helps you to integrate social proof notification in your website easily and with few simple steps.

First of all , after you create your Pushfy account , you will be able to start your first notification campagin , where you can create the notification that will be showin at your website.

After this , you will need to integrate a simple javascript code into your website page header in order to let the notification to appear . 

More information about how to use Pushfy can be found on the Tutorials page.


Pushfy cannot be a totally free service since it has running costs and people (us) working hard on it. We need to make a living from our software in order to keep the service running and continuously improving it while still providing social proof notification . We get it, we are all building software to make the world a better place but the bracing reality is simple  – no service can last without monetization.  So if you want Pushfy to survive, please support it and become a paid member.


No service can guarantee you that their privacy policy will never change since we live in a space that keeps evolving. However we can assure you that one thing that will not be modified is our transparency. Pushfy goal is to protect its users privacy. One thing that we will never do is sell your data.

Last updated on: 4 March, 2021