Pushfy is for Sell!

Hello everyone!

By visitng this page that means you already interested on owning Our social proof platform (Pushfy.me)

Pushfy got a great success since we launched it back in August 2019 and we had a very cool mailstone that can be found in our timeline page!


Today , my co-founder and i we decided to focus on our new business that will take most of our time , and we will never be able to give support and assistance pushfy users.


So , we decided to sell it ;)

By owning Pushfy you will have :

  • * Access to the platform adminstration ( All files , Databases , Users details )
  • * 3 domain names linked to the platform ( Pushfy.me - Pushfy.co - Pushfy.ru )
  • * Maillist of 3900 subscriber generated from Pushfy home page
  • * We can host the website for you for free ( it is your choice at the end )
  • * We setup all the transfer process and make sure everything is 100% working at your part
  • * We will fix/update any issue at the platform for free ( We will provide you with 12 months free support )

If you are interesting on Owning Pushfy , Please Contact at : 


Email : me@aliabdelkader.com

Whatsapp/Viber : +79044322592


Thanks for being in this page , if you also have any question , you can use the same contact details and we will be glad to assist you!