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Pushfy Starts 2020 as Most Popular Marketing Software in B2B Review Platform

Pushfy ushers in 2020 with accolades as it receives two awards from CompareCamp: the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award. Industry experts were impressed with Pushfy tools that utilize and transform psychological triggers to successful leads and conversion.


Pushfy received the awards from CompareCamp, a trusted source of SaaS Reviews authored by industry experts from different fields. CompareCamp publishes transparent reviews that are dedicated towards helping users in choosing tools and apps for their needs.

Pushfy was given the Great User Experience Award because experts were impressed with the simplicity and elegance of its dashboard that provides you a quick lookup of campaigns, impressions, branding, counters, and notifications with just a click. Pushfy’s live conversion counter is a favorite among users. Experts also lauded Pushy tools for coupons, email collecting, and social media shares.

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Pushfy is also CompareCamp’s Rising Star of 2019. It currently holds the top spot when it comes to the most popular and recommended marketing software in CompareCamp. It received the most number of good reviews and raves from its active users.

To read the full review of Pushfy tools, please visit CompareCamp.


Last updated on: 31 August, 2021