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Pushfy Social Proof Integration Plugin Allows you to integrate Pushfy social proof code in your WordPress site.

== Description ==

If you are running a WordPress site and you would like to integrate Pushfy.me script easily to add our social proof notifications to your website . This plugin will do all the magic. Just Add it , activate and put your Pushfy script .

All you have to do is adding your profile Pushy script .

Example : 

The plugin should be compatible with WooCommerce.

Almost all WordPress theme do support this (Pushfy Social Proof Integration) plugin. If the social proof notifications are not appearing in your site [ask for support] or look at your theme file if they have standard `wp_head` and `wp_footer` hooks.


== Installation ==

There is nothing special about installation of this plugin. It is as simple as uploading the plugin files to your plugins directory.

Upload the plugin to `/wp-content/plugins` and activate. 

Once the plugin is activated you will see (Pushfy Social Proof Integration) menu item under setting of WordPress dashboard. Also a meta box on Post and Page edit page.

This quick tutorial will teach you how to download , install and integrate our WordPress Plugin.


== Screenshots ==


1. Access this page from `Dashboard --> Settings --> Pushfy Social Proof Integration`

2. This box will appear below to inter your own pushfy profile integration script


== Frequently Asked Questions ==


**Q. How could I access support and troubleshoot problem?**

A. I could not handle wp.org forums on regular basis. You are suggested to visit (https://pushfy.me) for more updated plugin documentation and troubleshoot your problem.


**Q: Is there any paid version of the plugin available?**

A. Nope, There is none. You have just to subscribe to Pushfy.me service to be able to get your own script and integrate it .


== Changelog ==

= 1.0.0 =

* Initial Public Release


== Upgrade Notice ==

Upgrade for more functionality and bug fixes.

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Last updated on: 9 June, 2021